Janan & Halal

Janan Meat is proud to be certified as halal-compliant by one of the leading accrediting bodies in the United Kingdom. We have the support of leading Iman’s, who regularly visit us and satisfy themselves that our processes are in line with religious halal requirements. In addition, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) audits our processes and both have access to Janan Meat all year round.

At Janan we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading processers of quality halal Lamb & Mutton, currently processing over three quarters of a million carcasses per year with capacity to increase to in excess of 1 million.

With over 20 years industry experience we really understand exactly how to satisfy our customers, delivering excellence from our BRC approved facility. Selecting only the best quality livestock, to produce premium mutton and lamb cuts, which are deboned and packed in our state of the art boning site delivering over 100 tonnes per week to individual customer specifications.

We are renowned for our exceptional customer service and reliability, offering daily deliveries throughout the UK and weekly deliveries across Europe of carcass and boxed product. We operate to the highest standards of animal welfare offering both farm assured stunned and traditional HMC monitored non-stunned halal carcasses cuts that you can trust.

Janan Meat is one of Europe’s leading providers of highest quality halal lamb and mutton products. We select only the best quality British livestock and provide a fast and efficient service from our premises in the West Midlands for our customers across the UK and the Continent including France, Germany, Holland and Italy.

Traceability and quality assurance are paramount and we are accredited by a number of well-recognised quality assurance schemes. Animals in our central UK processing plant are treated to the highest standards of halal animal welfare and killed by Muslim slaughtermen in accordance with Islamic Shariah law.

Janan Meat’s halal business is based upon accountability and integrity. We have an open door policy and have been visited by numerous Islamic theologians representing all schools of thought {Islamic fiqh), all of whom have provided their religious approval to Janan Meat for halal slaughtering.

Leading the halal way every day