Halal Values

Janan Meat is based at a leading, fully refurbished modern halal meat processing plant, in the West Midlands in the centre of the United Kingdom

The Janan Meat livestock procurement team is ideally placed to source high-grade halal sheep and lambs from Wales, England and Scotland to meet our customers’ halal specifications.

Janan Meat has the capacity to halal slaughter and process up to 15,000 sheep each week and can supply a diverse range of halal lamb and mutton products ranging from whole carcasses, cuts or boneless meat.

We at Janan understand the strict religious requirements of halal slaughter (dhibah). We ensure that all our sheep and lambs are slaughtered by Muslim slaughter men adhering to the highest principles of halal animal welfare and in full compliance with Islamic Law (Shariah).

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    “We have been dealing with Janan for many years and found them to be very reliable and efficient."

    Sharif Miah, Mirchi Cash and Carry - Halal Butcher's Shop of the Year 2012

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