David Fleetwood

Leading from the front with a relentless work ethic and desire to achieve David has enjoyed a career spanning over 40 years within the international meat processing industry, working in all sectors of the supply chain, through stakeholder development, farming producer groups and across all species

Managing Director David Fleetwood is a man who embodies everything that’s great about the meat industry.

“I like to see true relationships being built by empowering my team to be commercially led and to develop strategic & entrepreneurial thinking, which in turn will maximise the delivery of positive outcomes.”

David Fleetwood

David’s worked around the world and in every aspect of the industry his experience has given him a truly unique perspective that helps lead the company and allows us to deliver the level of quality and service that has become Janan’s trademark.

Everyone here at Janan takes great pride in what we do, and no one more so than David. He’s helped build and take the business from its foundations to where it is today, offering great quality, great service, all from a site that is something to be proud of.

We’ve all worked hard to get here and its all about the future and the next big challenge, David likes to aim high when it comes to setting himself and the business new goals.