Chris Coles

Chris Coles is the man who makes the numbers add up and count here at Janan. Whilst the team is busy processing the best Mutton & Lamb the UK has to offer & the sales team are off meeting customers and promoting our product, Chris is busy driving the business forward with intelligent strategic and financial planning.

As a Finance Director, Chris boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience making him an invaluable asset to Janan. He plays a pivotal and hands on role in the planning and day-to-day management of the business delivering an immediate impact on the business process.

“Here at Janan we work hard to produce Premium Quality Mutton & Lamb. We procure only the best livestock from UK markets, then process them in our BRC A rated sites, this is supported and backed up by our finance team helping to deliver a first class, top quality service.”

Chris Coles

Chris believes that in order for us to be successful the business needs to be flexible and responsive to the constantly changing industry and customer requirements. He revels in, real time finance and enjoys nothing more than making the numbers work for our customers and the business alike.

Janan Meat Limited, and in particular the Finance Department, are geared up to report, analyse and then utilise the management information quickly and efficiently in order to improve our processes, service and value.

Here at Janan we have set out a plan for future growth, which supported by Chris’s acumen, expertise and experience we will deliver, he gives us a real advantage when considering the best type of investment opportunities to run with including our expansion and improvement planning.

We are always looking forward to improve our business and Chris intends to keep us moving in the right direction.